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Soaring News - July 2020

Photo Credit; Jean-Marie Deschamps

The club is off to a fairly good start this season with 91 flights during July and total of 228 since opening operations during the last 2 weeks of May. We have instructor and Tow Pilot coverage during August for all Saturdays, Sundays and 2 Wednesdays, check the google calendar that is updated at the beginning of each week. A finance projection was completed that shows the club needs a minimum of 480 flights this year to either break even or make a profit.

The ASW15 has a newly packed parachute and updated FAA registration, you are encouraged to fly it, you will return to the airport with a smile, it’s easy to fly and is a good cross-country performer. See Matt for a check out in the G103, hope to have more instructors checked out soon to check out other members. It’s our heaviest glider but it flies about the same as the K21 except requires good skill on approach speed control to reduce a bounced landing.

Thanks to all who are wearing masks and keeping the distance rules to reduce our risk of the COVID 19 Virus. The amount of known positive cases are on an uptrend so we all need to continue practicing the 6 foot distance rule, wear a mask, use sanitary wipes and hand sanitizer when necessary. You may be refused a training or guest ride flight if not wearing a mask. Since the FBO building is still closed to the public, the club has provided a portable toilet located near the club hangar for members use.

Welcome new members Angelo Fanaras, Robert Drew and Russ Dotson, all are power pilots pursuing a glider add on to their existing certificates. Russ is a prior club member with glider flight time who decided to sell his C172 and fly gliders instead. Congratulations to Ludwik Lembryk for a solo check flight in the K7, Brian Navarette for completing Silver Altitude Gain and Silver Distance, just a 5 hour flight remains to complete the Silver Badge. Bill Neiderman visited the club after a year hibernation with back problems but couldn’t stay away from having fun, he is back flying gliders with an instructor, welcome back Bill. If you have noticed Susumu Morita reading a lot while waiting for a glider to fly, he is not bored but studying for a CFIG rating, good luck Susumu, I will be looking for a flight review in a couple years.

A NO HAND HOLD placard was added to the K21 rear instrument panel due to a mount that has broken a couple times recently, may have been caused from either entry or exit to the rear cockpit. Use caution when driving the Ops cart in the glider launch area to prevent driving across the tow rope also step over not on the rope. Tow ropes are not exactly fragile but we should treat them as glider equipment.

When turning from base to final keep your aim point on target, nose down and speed up. Outside rudder is OK but inside rudder is a control position for spin training.

Tom Shipp.

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