Guest Ride • 3000' AGL

Guest Ride • 3000' AGL


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You've always dream about flying but you don't know where to start. The 83 year of Adrian Soaring Club experience will take you to the sky in total safety and comfort. Discover the journey to the sky here and come train and flight with us. 

Introduction to Soaring & Gliding

Sailplanes or Gliders are high performance aircraft designed to glide for long distances. Flights begin by being towed to altitude behind our Piper Pawnee tow plane where the pilot release the rope and begins soaring. On good days the weather creates rising columns of air called thermals. Glider pilots learn to take advantage of thermals to soar and gain altitude, stay aloft for hours, and travel hundreds of miles.

Soaring is open to virtually everyone. The FAA requires pilots to be at least 16 and in good health to obtain their Glider License but you can start learning before that. Members at ASC range in from the teens to the eighties!

Soaring is a great way to learn to flight at an more affordable price than power, see our club fees. With a glider pilot certificate transitioning to power can be the next step in your pilot endeavor.

A Guest Flight is the best way to start. It's also a great gift for anybody who want to experience what it is to ride and flight in a glider.

ASC is looking for additional tow pilot members. Requirements are a Private Pilot License with High Power and Tail Wheel endorsement, at least 25 hours of Tail Wheel experience and 100 hours as PIC in power airplanes. Our Club is a non-profit organization, our Instructors and Pilots are volunteers. Please contact us if you are interested.

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