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Soaring News - May 2017

Even though we canceled 7 operation days this month, we did 82 flights, 18 more than May of 2016. June through August are the busiest months of flying due to less storms bringing rain and strong winds. Equipment is in fairly good condition, the Pawnee is running great but will need brake pad replacement during the next oil change. A new vario was installed in the K7 which is acting up again, will need to check the static system before we invest more money in varios. The new radio in the K13 is working great, besides the Becker radio fitting into the instrument panel, a new antenna and proper size ground plane was necessary. The K7 will also get some radio work done as soon as our mechanic can fit it into his schedule, the main problem with the K7 radio is antenna and ground plane size. We hope to make a deal with Steve Rusinowski next week to swap our Standard Cirrus for his ASW15. The ASW15 looks similar to the Cirrus but is easier on the takeoff due to less PIO and has about the same glide performance. Members will still need to be proficient in the K21 before transitioning to the ASW15.

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