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Soaring News - September 2021

The club did 77 flights this month compared to 70 during August, total flights for the season is 434. Five Op days were canceled due to weather. The club needs at least 50 flights a month through November to break even in revenue. A prior revenue projection showed a minimum of 450 flights to break even, higher than normal guest rides are helping support the club revenue.

There were a couple of really good soaring days this month, after thermaling to 5300 feet over the airport, Shipp and Miller flew the K21 to Merillat under a cloud street with just 3 circles in a really strong thermal and arrived back at ADG with 4.5 K altitude. Good soaring days are rare as we get closer to November.

Kuehne and Lembryk got checked out in the ASW-15, having more than a few good flights. Soloing is one thing, but taking off in a single seat, no instructor, and being wholly responsible for figuring it out literally on-the-fly is an experience like none other. If that’s not your speed, but you’ve not flown all the gliders in the fleet, get out there! The low-lift days are great for check-out flights, exploring new capabilities and gliders, and building new

skills. Don’t let the lack of thermals to 7000’ keep you from flying!

If you’re trapped indoor, SSB is running a great series on basic glider flying … it’s great new info or review for all lifetime students of flying. Check out the first one.

And as the days shorten, and we have not that much flying left in the season, set your calendars for the SSA conference in Reno, February 22-23, 2022. Consider attending and learning the latest in all aspects of flying, with seminars, exhibits, and more!

Airport construction which started September 15 has been delayed due to weather and a late start. The latest plan is to complete taxi B by the end of October, open runway 11-29 and resume construction May 2 next year. Completion of runway 05-23 and taxi A is expected to complete by the end of June. Surveys are still in-process but looks like some trees at the end of RW29 by Sand Creek Road and East of the approach end of Runway 05 will be removed.

The construction project at the airport has created some innovation by some of our members due to the longer distance required to tow gliders to runway 23-5 grass. Runway 11/29 has been closed during the construction. While fueling the Pawnee at the end of an operation day, a caravan of 3 gliders was observed being towed by the Ops cart and 2 club member cars and the gliders were aligned in order that they are stored in the hangar.

Another observation was 2 gliders being towed behind the trailer connected to the Ops cart.

The Ops cart required a new muffler replacement due to a reduction in power from the 9.5 HP engine. Something inside the muffler was restricting exhaust flow, the exhaust pipe is less than one inch diameter. The golf cart has served the club well with modest maintenance to date.

When turning from base to final keep your aim point on target, nose down and speed up. Outside rudder is OK but inside rudder is a control position for spin training. Pay attention to speed, the SSA accident reporting shows most accidents are during the landing phase, and are operator error. When using RW23-5 grass, we have to relearn our aim point.

Tom Shipp/Bob Kuehne

Photo Credit: Tom Neese


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