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Soaring News - October 2017

Another good month of flying for the club with 113 flights completed, a total of 673 for the year. We plan to fly into November but haven’t decided on a close date, probably close near the end of November depending on weather. This Wednesday 11-1 is looking flyable, the weekend iffy and Wednesday 11-8 good. Four Ops days were canceled this month due to weather.

The club had a good member turnout for the 10-14 picnic, didn’t go to Merillat again this year due to weather but had 21 flights at Adrian. The line of weather that prevented us from flying to Merillat stayed just North of Adrian all day with clear to high clouds over the airport. All attending the picnic got a glider flight including three tow pilots. Thanks to Master Chefs Neal Miller and Jim Thompson who grilled some great Hot Dogs and Burgers. I am still eating left over cookies.

Welcome new member, Richard Lecki, a former hang glider pilot who decided to try longer wings. Looks like most of our solo students have decided to get their private license next year. Students with Sunday instructor support has helped the club success this year, thanks Matt.

Seems like the club had more than usual guest rides this year. Last Saturday, we had 2 unscheduled guest, an Astronomer from the Adrian College and his Wife.

It was probably the coldest, windy day of the year with only 3K cloud bases but they really enjoyed their flights, said they would be back next year.

Soaring tip:

Last month I wrote about the use of a takeoff check list. Other than just landing on the runway you departed from, have you given much thought on not landing on that runway? For example; when using RW29, there could be a power plane on final to RW23 when the glider is entering down wind or base, there are several options to this condition. Continue if it looks safe, Land on RW11, RW5 grass or if you have gone past these options, land on RW23 grass. In all situations, you should announce on the radio what you plan to do, always include that you are GLIDER. Just like the takeoff check list, you should also have a plan for landing on a runway other than the one you departed from, don’t assume that you have the right of way because you are a glider.

When turning from base to final, keep the nose down and speed up, a yaw string to the right is OK, to the left and slow is BAD.

Tom S

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