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Soaring News - April 2018

Photo Credit; Jean-Marie Deschamps

This news report is being sent to active club members via email, refer to the Club Info section of the club web site for future monthly reports.

The highlight of the season is our new club web site designed by Jean-Marie Deschamps. Beside the large amount of club information stored on the web site, our Ops scheduling is managed by the Member Calendar section. Check it out to determine if we are flying on scheduled fly days, start time, instructor and tow pilot available. Once an Ops day is confirmed, an invite will be sent to active members, scroll down the invite to the response section and check either Yes, Maybe or No. An invite is not sent if Ops are canceled, so you need to check the calendar for status. By clicking on the calendar fly day, some details of the fly day is displayed and clicking on more detail >>, you get a list of members who checked either Yes, Maybe or No. I update the calendar when new status information is known.

On opening day April 7, we did 9 member Spring Check Flights then canceled Ops 7 days due to weather. On a brighter side, we did 66 flights on the 4 days we did fly. Our last Ops day on Sunday 4-29 was a real boomer day for thermals to 5K with 18 flights. Larry Clayton and friend Monaca won the day with the longest flight near 4 hours followed by Steve Rusinowski and friend over 2 hours in the K21. Other members renewed their skills in working thermals on a blue day.

Stay tuned, Wednesday 5-2 not looking favorable due to West wind 15-25. Saturday 5-5 and Sunday 5-6 looking very favorable with light wind 5-10 and instructor both days. Dave Huck quote: If it wasn’t for bad weather, we wouldn’t have any weather! Dave is near completion of his instrument rating so he knows about weather.

Congratulations to Tow Pilot Brandon Schultz for completing his instrument rating. Way to go Brandon! Brandon was also the navigator of getting the Pawnee seat recovered with leather and red stitches to match the red on the wings.

Welcome new members, Byron Stambaugh, Dan Walker, Don Parish (returning), Woody Harrington and Richard Lecki.

When turning from base to final, keep the nose down and speed up. Also pay attention to power planes crossing RW29-11, sometimes they don’t stop, look or listen.

Tom S

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