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Season start and Safety Meeting

Adrian Soaring Club has selected Saturday May 23rd for the start of the 2020 flight operations.

To respect the social distancing requirement of the current Covid-19 pandemic, the Safety meeting has been cancel. Each member must review the Safety Meeting presentation, print and sign the form at the end and bring it to the instructor at the Check Flight.

To prevent any contamination of the virus between member during operations the board has implemented the following guidances for all members to stay protected and healthy.

Adrian Soaring Club COVID-19 Safety Guidelines for Opening Operations

1. Members exposed to the COVID 19 Virus within the last 14 days or concerned about being exposed during club glider operations should stay home.

2. Any member exhibiting symptoms of persistent new cough, fever or shortness of breath should stay home.

3. Limit operations to 5 members plus Tow Pilot, Instructor and Ops person during AM hours and the same during the PM hours. To facilitate the limitation of the 5 members, please reply to the invite coming from the web site by Yes or No. This will inform everybody if the limit is reached.

4. All members wear a face mask during operations, either solo or dual flights.

5. No hand shaking.

6. Maintain 6 feet distance from other members when possible.

7. Tow Pilots use your own head set.

8. Use hand sanitizer before and after operation of club equipment such as Ops cart steering wheel, wipe glider control stick, seat buckles, radio and canopy latch handle. The club will supply a limited amount of sanitizer for use, you may bring additional supplies.

9. Review the club Operations Safety Meeting presentation, sign the form which is located at the end of the presentation and provide the signed copy to the daily Ops person or instructor. This will be required before a Spring Check Flight can be accomplished.

10. Note, the FBO facility is closed for access through May 29.


The Board and your instructors.

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