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Soaring News - August 2020

Photo Credit; Ludwik Lembryk

The month of August was very busy for the club, thanks to all those members who keep the club running safely. We did 130 flights this month for a total of 358 since starting the season, at this rate the club will pass the 480 flights projected to break even. Tom Neese and Rick Clark were kept busy for a one-day total of 22 flights on a very hot day, don’t know how many bottles of water was consumed. We added 3 new members to the club, Eric Vanriper, Jacob Smith and Chris Pang, welcome new members!

Some key activities; Nate Kemppainen completed his first 12 mile solo cross country to Blissfield in the K13, Jarad Staib Soloed and working on a K7 Solo, Ludwik Lembryk close to a Private Certificate, Brian Navarette completed and received a Silver Badge in his Standard Cirrus, the ASW15 is flying, instructors and a few other members are checked out in the G103 and all instructors can give member checkouts. On August 16th, all gliders except for the K7 were up at the same time as were the entire crew, the tow pilot did ground retrieves.

We had a surprise overhead visit of 4 gliders Sunday 8-30; Steve Rusinowski, Glen Betzoldt and 2 other gliders from Ionia. They had joined up North of Adrian for an afternoon of flying and were returning from Coldwater MI, 43nm miles West of Adrian. It was a great soaring day with lift in just about any direction the glider was pointed.

Maintenance items were light to normal; the Pawnee oil was changed back to Aeroshell W100 PLUS single viscosity oil, the first oil analysis of Aeroshell W15W50 showed an above normal iron, chromium and lead contamination. The Aeroshell W15W50 was tried during one oil change period to solve a cold high oil pressure problem but the oil analysis shows more wear contamination than the prior W100 PLUS oil, our 0-540 engine obviously doesn’t like a thin synthetic based oil. A mechanical adjustment of the oil pressure valve will be done at the next annual. The FAA has approved the Grob G103 N Number change from N705KB to N705MS, the Ops cart strobe light was replaced (this one can be seen from a distance) ASW15 tire replaced with a solid rubber tire (no more air pressure problems) and new weak link rope was made for light gliders. You will see a knot in other glider ropes, this knot is on the internal rope that was added to prevent the internal rope from moving out when towing the G103.

Thanks to all who are wearing masks and keeping the distance rules to reduce our risk of the COVID 19 Virus. The amount of known positive cases is still high so we all need to continue practicing the 6 foot distance rule, wear a mask, use sanitary wipes and hand sanitizer when necessary. You may be refused a training or guest ride flight if not wearing a mask. Since the FBO building is still closed to the public, the club has provided a portable toilet located near the club hangar for members use.

When turning from base to final keep your aim point on target, nose down and speed up. Outside rudder is OK but inside rudder is a control position for spin training. FYI, the G103 should be flown at 55 knots downwind and final and, land on the main wheel.

Tom Shipp.

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