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Soaring News - October 2020

Photo Credit: Tom Shipp

The club did only 46 flights this month due to 6 Ops day cancellations and 3 low number flight days due mostly to weather. Total flights for the 2020 season are 507which is 27 flights greater than our 480 predicted flights to break even in revenue. The October Treasurer’s report verified that the 480 number was fairly accurate. Even though the Corona Virus put a damper on our season start, our members have provided great support to the club. Tow pilot, Tom Neese has experienced turbulent wind most Saturdays this month and hopes that an early Santa will bring better conditions for November. Shipp and Bateman were mostly grounded due to weather. October thermals are usually either weak or non-existent but Susumu Morita found some great lift October 24 for a 90-minute flight.

Some members have been busy making news in the Soaring Society Magazine, thanks to those who have presented the events to the SSA. Jared Staib made the October Milestone section for his solo flight with Matt Schultz as Instructor and Mark Geudtner with a water bucket. Jared was also accredited for A, B and C badges in the November issue. Brian Navarette made the October issue in the records section for his official Silver Badge #7160. Kerry Brown shown in the

November issue as DPE for a Tuskegee Club Pilot completing a Private Certificate in a TG-7A self-launch glider. Ludwik Lembryk was awarded an A badge in the Records section of the September issue and completed his Private Certificate October 25 with Kerry Brown as DPE. Congratulations to all! Welcome new Member Craig Pearson (Shamrock Airport Owner), our next tow pilot in training.

Pay attention to a much better climb rate from the Pawnee with these colder temperatures, during simulated or real rope breaks, you will be higher and closer to the runway than experienced during the warmer summer months. The takeoff distance is also shorter so you will need to be more aggressive on the controls to stay in position with the tow plane when it lifts off.

A long-time club member Bill Neiderman, has been grounded during the last year with back problems, came back in September for a few flights with instructors and other members, but experienced another set-back that will keep him from flying until perhaps next year. After experiencing some short of breath, he was diagnosed with Artrial Fibrillation, the club misses Bill and hopes for a successful recovery.

Don’t slack up on wearing a mask, maintaining distance and using hand sanitizer to protect us from the virus, we have just 22 more days until we close the season on November 22. There have been no reported cases in our club since opening.

When turning from base to final keep your aim point on target, nose down and speed up. Outside rudder is OK but inside rudder is a control position for spin training. FYI, the G103 should be flown at 55 knots down wind and final and land on the main wheel, this is about the same speed for the K21.

Tom Shipp.

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